Or why I know more than everyone and obviously should be Lord Imperious of the Free World and also France.


From my two and a half years involvement with the libertarian movement, I have pulled together a personal theory of the ideal society and methods for crafting said society. Like any good libertarian, I have a funny name that no one will recognize.

I am a pragmatic Communitarian Agorist. In short, I believe in people helping people.  So, let me get started and lay it out.


Pragmatism is taking the best course of action without bias as to methodology or philosophy. It is a fluid methodology of getting to the desired result. So long as the values are not violated, feel free
adapt to situations.

Primary Values

Pragmatism without values leads to ruthless evil. Values guide the pragmatism and give it sight and goals. The values are as follows:

  1. That people be free to live their lives.
  2. That people be free to help one another.
  3. That no one harms another without just cause.

Chicago School of Economics

The Chicago School of Economics is simply a pragmatic approach to economics. The question is not based on principles, it is on end results. The conclusion is simply that all systems will make mistakes, both governments and free markets. The difference is that governments have a well-established history of making bigger messes than free markets. Therefore, free market solutions are
preferable to government solutions, whenever possible.

What is Agorism?

Agorism* is the strategy of starving the government of its justifications by meeting the needs of the people. By helping people, the government is not needed, and so will have minimal to non-existent influence over the community.

What is Communitarianism?

Communitarianism is the social theory that freedom and liberty is not ensured by the individual but by the community. An individual given freedom does not ensure freedom for his fellow human beings, but a community that values freedom given liberty ensures liberty for everyone.

Communitarian Agorist

The Communitarian Agorist then is a community that values freedom and works to meet the needs of the people in and around the community. The individual is empowered by and through the community to do maximum good. In essence, libertarians desire communities comprised of libertarians, yet by putting communities as the focused structure, individual liberty is given greater structure and long term viability than if the focus were placed on individuals.

  • The liberty value helps keep the community from being insular as well as placing priority on the individual.
  • Rule of Law will work to ensure people’s rights and freedom.

Done as Done

So, I hope that helps explain my overall idea. I am a devout follower of brevity, but I’ll follow up with actual explanations of how this all comes together.



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