MM — PODO & Moves (September 2019)

MM — PODO & Moves


Prospect Identified

Qualify wealth

Leads Mountain

Identification Stage —
*Minimum wealth (Measured by Wealth Screening tool score, other arbitrary markers)[Manual at first, then use integration with DB & Wealth Screening Tool];
*If in the News, move to the top of the List(If the PODO is in the news, Org President can use that fact as the lede for their letter of introduction. IE “I had the pleasure of seeing you on the Fox and Friends show. I especially appreciated when you said…”);
*If a celeb, earmark for qualification as a potential Partner;
*Earmark if the PODO has previous interactions with Org (EG has liked Org’s products, attended event, has had interactions with Org Executives or staff);

Qualification Stage –

*Add PODO to Org database and mark as a PODO.
*If already in DB, mark the record as renewed for attention.
*Clearly mark when the PODO has no interactions with Org and mark them as Do Not Contact until they have responded.

Stakeholder Checks — Stakeholder Checks: *Events= near an upcoming Org event. *Foundations = Connections to a mission-aligned Foundation or a private foundation[foundations whose missions are completely up to the foundation stakeholders];
*Org President = Unique connections to President, Org connections, High Prestige, Potential Partnership; *Partnerships/External Relations = Shared mission/orgs, previous connections to PODO;
*Donor Advisors= Connections to a Donor Advisory through which contact must go

Categorize PODO Type
Attempt to Identify the Best Approach for outreach by identifying PODO’s political, religious, and biographic information, + their connections to the Org/Org President, and established giving/projects in the Org’s mission.

Types of PODOs:
*Low Dollar ($1-$99);
*Mid Dollar ($100-$250)
*High Dollar ($251-$750-$999);
*Major ($1k+);
*President Only (Unique connections to President, Org connections, High Prestige, Potential Partnership);
*Foundations (Connection to a mission-aligned foundation or a private foundation);
*Donor Advisers=Connections to a Donor Advisory through which contact must go

Recommended First Moves:
*Event-Invite to Org Event if PODO lives near an upcoming Org Event;
*Send Org President Letter of Introduction with a point of connection/interest[EG a pleasure to meet you at the Big Whigs Gala/I read your recent article in the New York Times…] and a Call-to-Action[EG I often visit Missouri and would love to meet you when I am there next…];
*Send Collateral []

Cultivation Stage

Cultivation Moves:

· Intro Pack with customized Standard Letter

· Invite to Event (Via Letter/Email/Phonecall

· Invite to Meet — In PODO’s city, at Org’s office, at an event both parties publicly know they will attend,

· Phone Call — Phonecalls can follow after a written or digital invitation

· Email — Use standardized emails. Lowest expected return rate.

· Invitations are best when sent through a mutual friend/connection.

Packet Content Options:

Standard — Org publication, Book written by Org President/Org Academic, Letter, Remit(Not recommend)

Low Cost — Org publication, Book Request Form, Letter,

High Cost — Org publication, Book written by Org President/Org Academic, Letter, High-cost Org related Collateral,

PODO Goals

Goal Setting Stage

1. Immediate Move: Low$/High$=Convert PODO to estimated dollar range, Major Gift: Make connection & start dialogue, VIP= Make connection & start dialogue

2. 1–2 Year Goal: Convert PODO to estimated dollar range or initiate diologue.

3. Long-term Goal: Create meaningful relationship and dialogue, empower the PODO to create meaningful social change via Org’s Programs,

Audience Categories
Once Standard Letter is drafted, edited, and corrected to account for feedback, develop audience categories that use modified language to connect Org’s Mission, Values, & Projects to the PODO’s personal interests and passions.

Speculative Categories: Libertarian, Conservative, Liberal, Progressive, Religious (Christian, Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Muslim), Org Mission oriented [EG Cares about Civics, the Homeless, Legal Reform, etc].

The body of the letter will remain the same but will reference different elements of the Org’s Missions and Values and different outcomes from the Org’s operations depending on the motivations of the PODO. When in doubt, use the standard letter.

Moves Management

Current Donor Audit

Triage all Donors according to their gift amounts and then process through the PODO qualification & research process.


1. All Major Donors, Foundation Contacts

2. High Dollar Donors/High capacity Low Dollar Donors

3. Mid-Level Donors

4. Low Dollar Donors (Qualification only)

Moves Management Goals

4. Immediate Move:

5. Year Goal: Raise Donor to next highest dollar range. EG Raise a $50 annual gift to a $100 dollar gift. Raise a $100 dollar gift to a $250, $250 to $500, and so on.

6. Long-term Goal:

First Time Gift Moves:

· Receipt/Thank you Letter (Combined into the same letter)

· Thank you Call/Card

· Intro packet to Org’s Mission, Projects, and

o Low-cost Collateral: Org stickers (Maybe?), Pocket Constitutions (Every org has them), other low-cost & small piece of collateral

· Donor Research Process (Turn-around should be 1–2 weeks)

· If Email is available, subscribe them to an email campaign

Yearly Moves: Start with 6 moves, then move up to 12 moves. Half of the moves should be special/customized while the other half of the moves will be generic and standard for org outreach. All yearly calendars should change year to year. Rely on mass produced comms/techniques to manage large groups.

January-February — Thank You Letter/Call/Card for last year’s gift(s)

March-April — Org Publication: Either Donor Publication or Org Focused

May-June –

July-August — Holiday Card

September-October –

November-December — Year End Appeal

Optional Moves:

· Invite to event in their area

· Invite them to tour the Org’s facilities.

· Send a card during a holiday relevant to the Org’s mission

· Survey/Checking in call


Email Campaigns

Donor Intro Campaign — 4 week email campaign that introduces the Org’s leadership, Mission and Values, & Demos the types of work and impact Org’s Programs creates.


Week 1. Email written in Org President’s name/voice introducing the Org’s Mission & Values and establishes what to expect over the next 3 weeks. Include a kindly written invitation to unsubscribe from the email with an unsub page that asks for feedback on preferred means of comms etc.

Week 2. Email written by Programs with examples of the org’s events and resources. Make it visceral and meaningful. Focus on communicating their experiences and the changes created rather than the raw stats.

Week 3. Email written

Week 4.

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