Liberty Minded Reading List, Online Publications


Principles for a Free Society 

Road to Serfdom – Reader’s Digest

The Law

Economics in One LessonAbridged


Federalist Papers in Modern Language

Rules for Radicals

The Citizen’s Rule Book

Waging the War of Ideas

The Market for Liberty


I Pencil (“,%20Pencil.pdf)

Economics in One Lesson

Basic Economics 

The Morality of Capitalism


Two things about these study guides, 1. some people will correctly argue that these two books could (should) go in the Economics section, yet their content is equally applicable to social thought, 2. They are both written by Robert Murphy who is a terrific karaoke singer.

Man, Economy, & State with Power & Market, Study Guide

Human Action Study Guide

Inclined to Liberty


Links to Learn More

Links to Learn More:

Mises Literature Links

Read to Lead Reading List By Morton C. Blackwell

Common Sense Economics, Going Deeper

Liberty on the Rocks Reading List

Frederic Bastiat’s Fan Page



The Broken Window Fallacy

I, Pencil: The Movie 

The Libertarian Speech I Would Deliver to the Whole Country 

Glenn Beck talks to Penn JilletteDisagree while agreeing to Cooperate


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