Paragon of Revenge

Revenge, he was crafted carefully. He was different from hate, he could not be a blind slave to anger nor be apathetic. He had to care, at least in the beginning. Through a lifetime of parts and pieces, his life was a collage of broken hopes and dreams. Betrayal was the key, betrayal and impotent rage. The final act came through his wife. She had been the perfect love, for three years he had everything he wanted. This was crucial, a man without hope becomes dissallusioned, loses concern for the world. A man with hopes continually ravaged, this is the springbed for revenge.

His ascension arose midway through a vacation. His wife was five months pregnant. On the second day of the vacation, she disappeared. His search was long and arduous. When he finally found her, he believed that he had won back his life. His wife then pierced him in the back. As he lay dying she told him with as much contempt as she could that she had already killed his unborn child and that she had never loved him. In his death, his hate was cemented. The ritual had been fulfilled. Continue reading “Paragon of Revenge”