Dislocated Hipster

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMost hipsters brag about liking things way before you ever did. Not me, I like stuff after it’s way out of fashion. Razr phone? Just got mine. Breaking Bad? Just started (Skyler should be more supportive). Car? Buick, 1999 Cruise Control is really handy! I hear they’re working on these things called Ipads. Sounds a little pod people to me, but hey what do I know?

Be a dislocated hipster and celebrate how old and not in style you are.

Dislocated Hipster, pt1

So, I am just considering watching Dawson’s Creek. I figure it’s been fifteen some odd years, so I don’t have to worry about anyone, anywhere liking that TV show. This of course is my primary criteria for being able to like anything. If someone somewhere likes it, I cannot like it.

Dr.Horrible’s Sing Along, I had to wait six months so that non of my family would come into my room and sing along with the show. I kid you not, I had this vivid image of them just kicking open my door, marching in, and singing around me. I did not want that to happen. So, yeah, Dawson’s Creek and maybe Creed?

I’m also waiting for the last two Beatles to die, so I can listen to the oldies 95 radio channel.

Dispersed Support: Pennies to You, Room and Board to an Artist

Dogecoins raise an interesting concept.

Celebrities are not as financially successful because there are just too many of them. We have people who have been widely famous, well liked, and even talented who are still flat broke.

Why? Because our ability to show our support is spread too thin. Most people online today can measure their success in the nickels and noses of likes, comments, and followers. None of these however amount to financial success. This is why we see all of those annoying advertisements online. That is the internet gurus way of making some money to help finance their art. Continue reading “Dispersed Support: Pennies to You, Room and Board to an Artist”