Simple Rules for a Zombie RPG, Draft

Simple rules for a Zombie RPG, Draft

The premise of this game is to offer simple, concise rules which nominally reflect a realistic game world. Too many game get bogged down in the details and become more about the rules and less about what the players can think of. The rules are vague so that players can fill in the gaps as they appear. Therefore, the rules are simple and “special rules”  are kept to a minimum.

Human stats

Endurance: Endurance determines how long a human can run or walk, how long they can carry or lift something, how long it takes them to recover, how long they can hold out against a zombie bite and how much general damage they can take, etc.

Strength: Strength determines how much damage is done when they hit something, how much they can carry, how much they can lift, the effects that recoil has on them, how quickly they can run, etc.

Dexterity: Dexterity determines how well a human can run, how well they can hit and throw, how well they can aim, how observant they are, etc.

PCs are assumed to have a score of 3 for all stats. 3 is average and gives neither penalties or bonuses.

Other attributes such as intelligence or charisma are noted in the character’s bio. These are up to the DM and secondly the PC. Assume average overall.

The goal is to have the player fill in these gaps, to make the persuasive argument or to figure out a plan.

Zombies do not have stats; they are classified into four categories, with levels of intelligence (although most are average)

Weak Zombie: A weak zombie is more likely to frenzy but less likely to be able to make a successful attack. +Frenzy, -ATK

Average Zombie: Has no bonuses or penalties

Strong Zombie: Is more likely to grapple and inflict a major bite but slower. 1+ ATK, -speed

Fast Zombie: Moves fast but is less likely to hit a target; 1- ATK, +Speed


Zombie Attack

  • 1 Miss
  • 2 Miss
  • 3 Push Back
  • 4 Grapple
  • 5 Bite
  • 6 Major Bite

Human Attack

  • 1 Miss
  • 2 Miss
  • 3 Keep at bay*2
  • 4 Push back
  • 5 Blow
  • 6 Killing blow

Human Distance Attack

  • 1 Miss&Jam
  • 2 Miss
  • 3 Miss
  • 4 Blow
  • 5 Dismembering Blow
  • 6 Killing Blow

*2 Zombie’s attack is lowered, reflects not being able to fight off the zombie but being able to make it harder for it to bite you.

Weapons add to attack rolls

Humans & very smart zombies can line up shots to improve their chances of hitting.

Humans who are unarmed detract 1 to 2 points from their attack roles and add the lost point to the zombie attack rolls. Training can negate these penalties.

Training or lack thereof add or detract to or from a humans attack.

If faced with a horde, a human can either try to single out a single zombie or fire into the horde as a whole. If firing at the horde, a human can shoot twice as fast but sacrifices adds. Some weapons are better for this than others are.

Weapons are divided into categories with better versions or models offering better adds;

Weapon range is reduced by 5 feet when the PC is untrained. With basic training, the range is average, with above average training the range is increased by 5 FT. Dexterity acts in the same way


Pistol: Gives +1 ATK up to 20 feet.

Shotgun *: If the shot hits, receives +2 ATK if at 12 feet or less, +1 ATK for up to 24 FT, & -1 ATK for every 12 FT past 24 FT. Any wounds from a shotgun shell are dismembering within 12 FT

Submachine Gun: Gets +2 up to 24 FT.

Assault Rifle: If set to semi-automatic counts as a rifle. If set to burst gets +3 ATK up to 24 FT.

Hunting Rifle: Get +2 up 35 FT, +2 up to 50 FT if scope is equipped. Bolt Actions take longer to shoot

Heavy Machinegun: Gives +3 ATK if roll is a hit. Has a base range of 35 FT

*A shotgun with a slug round counts as a rifle, it receives a -1 ATK if the barrel is a smooth bore.

A zombie suffering from a blow is slowed, a push back can either push a zombie back or even knock it to the floor but it will get back up and continue to attack.

A dismembering blow will either reduce a zombie’s ability to move or its attack, if it has been disemboweled, both its movement and attack will be reduced.

A killing blow will kill a zombie, this means a head shot or a blow that severs the head, bear in mind that severing the head still leaves the head active and if the head can still bite.

Zombie Combat

The difference between a bite and a major bite is the degree of the wound, meaning how quickly the character will die. A character who has been bitten will need to dress the wound to keep from bleeding out, especially if they suffered a major bite.

Zombies move half as fast as humans, except when frenzied. Fast zombies move as fast as humans can jog.

Roll D6 for frenzy

  • 1 Slows down in confusion
  • 2 No Frenzy
  • 3 No Frenzy
  • 4 Lunges; make an instant attack to grapple
  • 5 Frenzy
  • 6 Frenzy

A zombie moves at a shuffle except when frenzied, frenzy can only happen when a zombie is excited, this can only happen when a zombie is very close and aware of a human; for instance if a zombie is behind a fence and you taunt it, it can become frenzied or if a zombie just missed grappling a human. The smarter a zombie, the lower its chances of frenzying. If a zombie lunges and misses, it falls over and has to get up again.

Players will receive RPGing Karma points; these will be used for making better future characters or to modify rolls.

PCs who act out of character will receive negative points that will make the player’s future character less effective, while good roleplaying will result in positive story points that will go towards making the player’s future character more effective.

Players can use karma points to modify their rolls or rolls against their characters.


  • FT – Feet
  • ATK – Attack

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