Dispersed Support: Pennies to You, Room and Board to an Artist

Dogecoins raise an interesting concept.

Celebrities are not as financially successful because there are just too many of them. We have people who have been widely famous, well liked, and even talented who are still flat broke.

Why? Because our ability to show our support is spread too thin. Most people online today can measure their success in the nickels and noses of likes, comments, and followers. None of these however amount to financial success. This is why we see all of those annoying advertisements online. That is the internet gurus way of making some money to help finance their art.

But, what if we could give people just a tiny little bit of support through a digital currency and show them how much we appreciate their contributions by actually supporting them financially? Reddit does just that with Dogecoins. Dogecoins are like Bitcoins but nowhere near as profitable or “serious”. Which is what makes them more fun to give to people, because money is “serious business” and we all end up getting bored with giving our money away.

This all may sound a little dreamy and pie in the sky. However, there is a company that uses this method of support to great success, Apple and iTunes. iTunes lets people pay .99 cents for a single song from an album. This means that people can narrow in on exactly what they like and support that without having to vote for things they do not like. A band comes out with an album and only one of the songs is good? Show them that by only buying that one song and saving 14.99 dollars to buy something else.

The brilliance and actual utility of money is that it lets us take our value (Hours worked, resources owned, skills) and divide it up so that as little of our resources are lost. Otherwise, you would have to trade your car in order to buy groceries. But what if this same principle is why we do not see more support for internet celebrities? They are great, but not worth a whole dollar or the amount of time it takes to give them said dollar through PayPal.

If we democratized financial support, lowered the average donations to the equivalent of a penny, and streamlined the process, hardly anyone would hesitate to show their love and support their favorite internet celebrities. Digital Currency is exactly how we can do that, because digital may not mean simple, but it does mean streamlined.

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