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My Father’s Boycott

My father was at one time a pastor of a small church in Independence, Missouri. The former superstar of convenience shopping, K-Mart, was up to their shenanigans. They were stocking adult magazines where children could plainly see them. Parents were understandably upset at this and wanted K-Mart to stop. K-Mart however did not seem to care. Enter stage left, my father, the pastor. Continue reading My Father’s Boycott

The Joy of Delivering on Time

“You have missed the BB by 48 hours. The deadline is in 42 hours.
I am here to assist you for the next 30 hours. At the 12 hour
mark, if the objective is not accomplished, I am to pursue my own
course of action. My advice, should you fail to accomplish the
objective within 30 hours, is to leave the country as your
contract will be terminated. If you or any of your team choose to
remain, I will make use of you, however understand that you will
not be reemployed nor will your welfare be a priority.”

His name is Samuel Carver. No operative wants to meet Mr.Carver
on the job. If Carver is called in, it means the objective is in
jeopardy and Carver will fix it. Some call Carver a sociopath, others call him a monster. I call

Carver a professional. Carver is well regarded not for his calm
demeanor, nor for his skills. Carver is well regarded in the
profession for his ability to take any course of action that
accomplishes a deadline. If we were in the killing business, that
would be one thing, but we just work at Fed Ex…


Paragon of Revenge

Revenge, he was crafted carefully. He was different from hate, he could not be a blind slave to anger nor be apathetic. He had to care, at least in the beginning. Through a lifetime of parts and pieces, his life was a collage of broken hopes and dreams. Betrayal was the key, betrayal and impotent rage. The final act came through his wife. She had been the perfect love, for three years he had everything he wanted. This was crucial, a man without hope becomes dissallusioned, loses concern for the world. A man with hopes continually ravaged, this is the springbed for revenge.

His ascension arose midway through a vacation. His wife was five months pregnant. On the second day of the vacation, she disappeared. His search was long and arduous. When he finally found her, he believed that he had won back his life. His wife then pierced him in the back. As he lay dying she told him with as much contempt as she could that she had already killed his unborn child and that she had never loved him. In his death, his hate was cemented. The ritual had been fulfilled. Continue reading Paragon of Revenge

An Issue of Importance to Me

Our culture is increasingly oppressive, in that people are taught to not speak out or take a stand for themselves and others. From children bullied to corrupt officials going unpunished, we are shown that injustice is the norm to be expected and accepted. Such desensitization and apathy bleeds into all aspects of life, from work habits, to our communal standards of decency and empathy. Unethical behavior towards others is commonplace. The degradation of ethical standards of justice is happening all across the world.

I was told of a prime example of such apathy towards injustice when I lived in Cochabamba, Bolivia. The president of Bolivia arbitrarily raised the price of gasoline to approximately five U.S. dollars per gallon overnight, which was more than twice the normal price. Public transportation doubled their prices to compensate for the increase in fuel cost. A group of children aged 8 to 12 peacefully complained about the price increase on their way to school. The bus driver dragged them out of the bus, and two additional bus drivers joined him in savagely beating the children. No charges were leveled against the drivers. What lesson could those boys have learned other than that to speak out means being beaten and silenced? Continue reading An Issue of Importance to Me

Changing Society Through Communities rather than Politics: An essay on Strategy and Approach

We’ve all been there when the die hard political guy gets up and preaches that we should all endorse his political views because anything else is tantamount to hating poor people or ruining the country. But, what if I told you that many people think the same of libertarians? That you can just as easily replace hating poor people or destroying the country with tyranny.

The fact is, when someone starts talking about politics, any politics, more than half the room is shutting down and the other half probably won’t do anything with what you’re saying. Politics is not persuasive enough to change the majority of people, and a lot of folks just find it offensive. If you would like to check this out, try going out and speaking to people about politics. Odds are, you will either find someone who disagrees with you, does not want to talk about it, or they agree with you but are still too busy to help out with your group or project. Continue reading Changing Society Through Communities rather than Politics: An essay on Strategy and Approach

Dispersed Support: Pennies to You, Room and Board to an Artist

Dogecoins raise an interesting concept.

Celebrities are not as financially successful because there are just too many of them. We have people who have been widely famous, well liked, and even talented who are still flat broke.

Why? Because our ability to show our support is spread too thin. Most people online today can measure their success in the nickels and noses of likes, comments, and followers. None of these however amount to financial success. This is why we see all of those annoying advertisements online. That is the internet gurus way of making some money to help finance their art. Continue reading Dispersed Support: Pennies to You, Room and Board to an Artist