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Fiction is a great way of conveying truths without being burdened by facts.

Zombie apocalypse alternative

Zombie apocalypse alternative:

8 May 2012 at 17:35

First thought, think Silent Hill.

There is a bizarre world wide incident. There are sporadic shifts in reality, where people are transferred to a shadowy mirror realm of the world. In this world, there are two commonly known types of individuals. Those who are unaffected, and those who are driven by their id. The id driven are little more than monstrous maniacs, acting out their fantasies and obsessions without restraint. Within a month, the worlds population was reduced by a third and it continues to decline.

Worse still for those who maintain their sanity, the ids have learned about the sane and their immunity in the real world. Some are merely envious,some actually hate them. These feelings of animosity have caused the ids to actively hunt the sane in the shadow realm, regardless of their feelings in the real world.

Second installment, the dream world is beginning to take shape, the dead exist in sporadic ghost-like forms, bizarre creatures wander about, trees wave to and fro when there is no wind.

For the third installment, there are the dream weavers, people who can create beings and environments from their imaginations, allowing them, and those around them, to live out their dreams in the shadow realm. Some are rumored to be able to pull people into the dream realm without the global shift.

Possible modifications, make it about the id, ego and super-ego.

The Joy of Delivering on Time

“You have missed the BB by 48 hours. The deadline is in 42 hours.
I am here to assist you for the next 30 hours. At the 12 hour
mark, if the objective is not accomplished, I am to pursue my own
course of action. My advice, should you fail to accomplish the
objective within 30 hours, is to leave the country as your
contract will be terminated. If you or any of your team choose to
remain, I will make use of you, however understand that you will
not be reemployed nor will your welfare be a priority.”

His name is Samuel Carver. No operative wants to meet Mr.Carver
on the job. If Carver is called in, it means the objective is in
jeopardy and Carver will fix it. Some call Carver a sociopath, others call him a monster. I call

Carver a professional. Carver is well regarded not for his calm
demeanor, nor for his skills. Carver is well regarded in the
profession for his ability to take any course of action that
accomplishes a deadline. If we were in the killing business, that
would be one thing, but we just work at Fed Ex…


Paragon of Revenge

Revenge, he was crafted carefully. He was different from hate, he could not be a blind slave to anger nor be apathetic. He had to care, at least in the beginning. Through a lifetime of parts and pieces, his life was a collage of broken hopes and dreams. Betrayal was the key, betrayal and impotent rage. The final act came through his wife. She had been the perfect love, for three years he had everything he wanted. This was crucial, a man without hope becomes dissallusioned, loses concern for the world. A man with hopes continually ravaged, this is the springbed for revenge.

His ascension arose midway through a vacation. His wife was five months pregnant. On the second day of the vacation, she disappeared. His search was long and arduous. When he finally found her, he believed that he had won back his life. His wife then pierced him in the back. As he lay dying she told him with as much contempt as she could that she had already killed his unborn child and that she had never loved him. In his death, his hate was cemented. The ritual had been fulfilled. Continue reading Paragon of Revenge