Austin Wanderings PT1

Okay, so no one took me up on my offer to hangout in Austin, so I decided to make it interesting for myself. Rather than be deterred and let a sight seeing opportunity go to waste, I parked my car in a parking spot and got to my wandering. 

I started off by going to the place I was supposed to go, the municipal courthouse*. They apparently do not like knives in their courthouses, so I had to drop off my pocket knife and try and pick it up later. BTW, in the twenty minutes I was in there, someone stole the knife. Bolivia ain’t go nothing on Austin, their hobos are far more gifted in the arts of lost and found.

Anyway, after the court business, I went to The Tiger and had a very nice Venison sausage for three dollars, happy hour, and then went back on my way. In between checking out local spots, I came across a man (Lotus) with a sign on his chest saying 25 cents for a joke. He tried 20 jokes and still couldn’t break me. We settled for a poem.

With Lotus, I met two buskers by the name of Ash and Kane. These two guys are planning on working their way to Colorado, one cool town at a time. Austin’s not as good a place for buskers because it’s just too overcrowded with musicians so people aren’t surprised to see them. These two fine fellows pointed me in the direction of the Smoking Caterpillar, a tobacco smoke shop.

Here, I met a nice enough chap by the name of Tyler. I asked Tyler what were the cool places in town to check out, after about 30 recommendations on places ranging from coffee shops to arcade bars, I got back to my wandering.

At about 8:00PM, I came across the Russian Lounge and found out that they have free Tango lessons on Tuesdays. I did not take them up on the offer because no one bothered to greet me at the door. Moving past them, I got in some free cardio by avoiding the crazy homeless of Austin, one of which was trying to pry loose a public trash can so he could hit a crack ho with it. Luckily, Austin takes good care of their trash receptacles, so the Crack ho still lives. After this, I was walking around 6th street, seeing what there is to see when I stumbled across the cigar shop with espresso.

Buying an Americano, a good conversation party was started between the proprietor Michael, a nice lad whose name escapes me, and Kent, a municipal water exec from Colorado. We spoke about the weather, Austin’s bats, crazy political goings from the past twenty years, and the conference Kent was attending on the issues of solid waste processing in city water systems. Two hours we all conversed, I should mention that college football was talked about but I don’t care about it so I cannot report on what was said. All of this and my day wound to a close, but not before I ran into a comedy club training hall.

So yeah, next time I say let’s hang out, bear in mind that I now have some great recommendations for what we can do.

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