Written in the Past, to Demonstrate a Thought

So yeah, I just decided to write something to get back into the swing of things. I’m figuring I won’t post this, but I know I really will. I guess that kind of defeats the point of lying to myself to say that but what the hey?

Anyway, we’re nearing the end of the election period, eleven more days until we get to decide which hopeless liar to elect! 1 Yay!, and after that they can start raising the gas prices again. As you can tell, I am quite optimistic about all of this. There is no doubt in my mind that everything is going to work out to the benefit of us all, whether we want it or not. I just thought of something I might actually want to write about. Leadership.

So, I have had this idea in my mind about Fight Club.

Forget all of the other bits in the story, otherwise you’ll end up disagreeing with something I’m not saying but we’d still argue over it. In Fight Club, movie, the first point is that we are ruled by our trappings and that we are afraid of things. Tyler and senor NoName (Jack) start a fight club where people lose their fear of confrontation and pain, in effect losing the two biggest problems of weakling nerds everywhere.

Now, in society today, we are constantly encountering weak willed people who are willing to follow whoever speaks the loudest and most authoritatively into whatever hell they choose. I won’t bore/offend you by naming names, we’ve got plenty of examples, so I will just say it like this. Our society is turning into 1984 because we the people are learning to be cowards who are willing to sacrifice personal freedom for perceived safety.

Just think of the TSA, we take off our shoes, keep our voices nice and calm, we let them take naked pictures of us, all so they won’t get mad at us, because then they could hurt us! Why do they have that power over us? Because we gave it to them because we were afraid of towel heads and crazies blowing up our planes.

Why do they get to keep that power despite the fact that they have accomplished nothing to achieve greater security and have cost us billions of dollars and have trampled on our concepts of freedom and rights? Because we are unwilling to force them out.

Think of it, back in Texas, Hook’em Horns and go Aggies!, there was serious law making that would have restricted the TSA from getting to do any of their hateful police state crap, and Rick Santorum backed down and the whole thing died like that. In a day, it all died. Now, the first thing to note about that is that Santorum is a pushover who will yield to any wind going over one MPH, but more importantly look at the people.

The people who yelled and hollered for this law gave up because they didn’t think it would work. But, that isn’t the American Spirit to give up like that. Just think of the Alamo, where men knew they would all die and yet they continued to fight as long as they could. It wasn’t about safety, or winning, it was about taking a stand and making the other guy knock you down. We’ve lost that spirit. Until we start injecting that back into ourselves, no politician or law will make us free. We’re trapped in our own souls, too afraid to stand.

In retrospect, I didn’t really cover what I wanted to cover here, so that will have to wait but as a summary: People are afraid of conflict and pain. To be free, they have to lose that concern or at the very least they have to hold their values and rights as more

1. I had meant to post this last month on the 28th of October.

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